Benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase

Proven by science, the incredible benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase are now big news in the skin and hair industry.

Enhance your beauty regime

I first discovered the benefits myself around 12 years ago when I was searching for something that would enhance my beauty regime, in a natural way. I was fed up of buying products which were making claims but didn’t deliver so I went on the hunt to find something different.

Benefits of silk

I was reading about the wonderful benefits of silk and how it has similar proteins and amino acids to our skin and hair, so I investigated further.

I spent two years investigating to find the right silk as there are so many different types. Silk is an incredible natural material with so many benefits which are now recommended by dermatologist and hair dressers. The silk I discovered is natural in colour with no added dyes or chemicals, It’s hand finished which gives it the softest texture to enhance the benefits. It’s not a shiny silk so it fits with any bedding style and looks beautiful with my own bedding.

Sleeping on cotton will dry your skin and hair

I discovered that if heavy dyes are added to silk it means adding more chemicals which would counteract the benefits. Sleeping on cotton will dry your skin and hair out causing sleep lines and dry frizzy hair, the remedy sounds simple, but sometimes it’s the simple things that really work!

Dr Nigma Talib

Dr Nigma Talib Dr and skin care specialist to the stars is just one specialist who advocates sleeping on a silk pillowcase for a youth boost. Andrew Barton – Celebrity hairdresser to the stars says sleeping on a silk pillow case will prevent tangles and tears on the hair.