The Original – Best Selling Natural Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair Care

More and more of us are under pressure to look good constantly – not just celebrities who are in the media spotlight but also us ‘ordinary’ people. There are plenty of different lotions and potions on the market which claim to be able to help us to look more youthful, but sometimes just small, simple changes can have the biggest effect.

One unique product which is 100% natural, yet highly effective in helping to reduce the visible signs of aging, is the bestselling Silkskin pillowcase. Stocked in Harvey Nichols and favoured by many celebrities (and even Royalty!), this fantastic pillowcase has been designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines which can look more prominent first thing in the morning, help the skin to breathe therefore reducing the risk of spots, and can also keep hair looking smooth and frizz-free – no more dreaded bed head!

Making a small change such as using a Silkskin pillowcase each night has been proven to help the battle against premature ageing. Many of us find creases on our faces in the morning when we wake, which can seem to take longer to disappear as we get a little older. Silkskin works by allowing the skin to breathe during the night; this allows any night creams to soak into the skin rather than the pillowcase whilst the person is sleeping. The skin remains hydrated and fewer lines will develop overnight than if a cotton pillowcase is used. Hair is also able to glide over the silk pillowcase as opposed to getting snagged on the pillow, meaning less static and frizz is created.

The Silkskin range was founded by a skincare expert and Silkskin have spent years developing the product to ensure that the highest quality silk is used. No chemicals or dyes are added during the manufacturing process, as they are well known for drying out hair and skin. As silk is hypoallergenic, the pillowcases can be used by anybody – even babies or those people suffering from eczema. Silkskin don’t produce products just for women – indeed the pillowcase is also popular with many men too.

No other products on the market produce the same results as the Silkskin pillowcase – this really is an original and unique product which is truly one of a kind. This explains why celebrities are catching onto the idea of using a Silkskin pillowcase, with plenty of other people following their lead too.