The Original – Best Selling Natural Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair Care

The Silkskin™ pillowcase was designed and developed 15 years ago, and is still the best silk pillowcase. Being a skin specialist I wanted to find something different that would enhance my beauty regime.

I was waking up with creases on my face from lying in one position and my hair was messy and dry. It’s recommended by dermatologists to sleep on your back to prevent sleep lines because over time they become permanent, especially if you have got dry skin. This is all very well, but I know it’s not possible for everyone, I have always slept on my side.

Dermatologists can tell which side of your face you sleep on, some of us tend to mainly sleep on one side at night time. They now also recommended sleeping on a silk pillowcase to prevent the dreaded lines etched on your face when you wake up. Hairdressers have recognised that it does help your hair to remain smoother and less of a frizzy knotted mess. The only down side is that some silk fabrics hold onto heat so it can make you sweat.

The best silk pillowcase – research and findings

I did a lot of research and found that sleeping on a natural silk pillowcase can have major benefits to your skin and hair. One reason for this is the smoothness of the fabric which allows your skin and hair to glide across the surface rather than getting pulled and tugged. At night time your skin repairs it’s self from the stresses of the day and regenerates, so sleep is very important too. The only problem was, that some silk fabrics I tried would make me sweat so my face and hair would end up sticking to the silk pillow case, as silk can trap heat. This wasn’t what I wanted to achieve for my new beauty regime.

I didn’t give up and continued trying different silk fabrics.

Silk isn’t a very absorbent fabric, it’s a protein fibre, so it’s great for keeping your night-cream on rather than being soaked up. Cotton is a vegetable fibre which will absorb moisture from your hair and skin, including your night-cream.

I found a beautiful silk fabric which is 100% Mulberry silk, but it’s not a shiny silk, it looks like cotton and fits with any bedding style.

The silk I use is unique to Silkskin™ and it’s hand finished to give it extra softness (it’s the softest silk you will find or can ever imagine next to your skin).

I am very proud of the Silkskin™ silk pillowcase, it is the best silk pillowcase. We have now got thousands of satisfied customers, including celebrities and royalty. New and repeat orders continue to flood in so we must be doing something right!

You won’t sweat at night, it’s a very cooling silk fabric so you will get all the benefits of silk without the sweaty side effects. I decided to keep it in a natural colour for it’s beauty benefits as adding more heavy dyes means more chemicals.