Do you want a silk pillowcase or a Silkskin silk pillowcase?

This one off investment will give you great anti-aging benefits and I promise you won’t look back!

The original and simply the best – beauty sleep in the most natural form.

Hello to all of my customers and thank you for your support over the last 14 years. My name is Linda my background is in skin care –  specialising in many problems related to skin. I have also got a vast knowledge of hair care – skin and hair health can be linked.

Silk PillowcaseThis is the best inexpensive way to save your skin and hair while you sleep at night. Our silk pillowcase will help prevent sleep lines which take hours to disappear and end up eventually being etched on your face permanently. Your hair will hold more moisture, so you will not wake up with matted frizzy hair, your blow-dry will last longer too.  Silkskin is the softest silk you can ever imagine so it’s very kind to your skin and hair.  Your night-creams will penetrate rather than being wiped off by cotton, which is very drying to skin and hair, it robs you of well needed moisture while you sleep. Cotton is also very harsh on your skin it just can’t compare to silk. Your hair will get a moisture boost and your blow-dry or extensions will last longer too!

I Designed the original Silkskin silk pillowcase 14 years ago for the anti-aging benefits of skin and hair care, our original Silk pillowcase is a natural colour with no added heavy dyes or chemicals. It fits with any decor or bedding colours perfectly, so there is no need to change anything at more cost.  Adding heavy dyes to silk can dry your skin & hair out, causing you more problems than before you started looking for a solution to aging.. If dyes are loose they can also enter your bloodstream through your pores which in turn can cause problems internally.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic so it’s great for people who suffer with allergies.

We use only the finest mulberry silk, which is specially commissioned to our specifications and hand finished. The Silkskin silk pillowcase is not a mass produced product, lots of care and attention to detail has been implemented in the process. It took 2 years to find the right silk and manufacturer for our unique concept with many trips and meetings to discuss finals. We have worked with the same manufacturer for the last 14 years, the Silkskin pillowcase also comes with a certificate of origin. Having all of the relevant credentials there are no harmful chemicals used in the process.

Silkskin are constantly in the press we have been on TV with top Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton. Used for the Hair awards and collaborations with many top Brands such as Aveda, Charles Worthington and many more along the way. Celebrities love our silk pillowcase as does Royalty, and what better recommendation than all of the Doctors who purchase our products. It has also been discovered that sleeping on Silkskin can help with hair loss too, it’s so gentle on your scalp.

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Linda Thompson  – Founder.

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