The Original – Best Selling Natural Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair Care


Delay the ageing process with our luxury silk products.

This is proven natural beauty not just bedding!

Our specially commissioned natural silk pillowcase and silk Lavender eye masks are recommended by Dermatologist, skin care specialists and Hairdressers. Silkskin has been featured in all of the press and on TV over the last 15 years.

The Silkskin pillowcase and silk eye mask are your must have beauty products to combat sleep lines, ageing skin, dry frizzy hair, hair loss and insomnias. Our silk pillowcases will also help to retain moisture in your skin and hair rather than sleeping on cotton pillowcases or man-made fibres, which draw moisture away. The Silkskin Lavender eye mask is also the softest silk you can ever imagine next to your skin it blocks out all light. There is natural lavender inside the mask which helps alleviate insomnia, headaches and stress giving you a sense of calm while you rest.

Our products are natural with no added dyes or chemicals which can dry your skin and hair out. The packaging is beautiful, it also makes a perfect gift as the natural colour fits with any bedding style.