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We are often asked about the benefits to health so below we have listed our top FAQ’s with answers.

What makes the Silkskin pillowcase different to other silk pillowcases.

The Silkskin pillowcase was developed and designed over 12 years ago for skin and hair care by a skin specialist. Our silk pillowcase is a natural 100% Mulberry silk which has been hand finished to give it the smooth texture and softness, which no other silk pillowcase has got. There are no added dyes as heavy dyes means more chemicals, these are no good for your skin or hair. It’s a natural product in a natural colour which fits with any bedding design or colour.

We could develop silk pillow cases with different colours which may look pretty, but the beauty and health benefits are limited. You may of seen Silkskin in the press and on the TV along the way, there is a small example of press and a TV clip on our website. We have got thousands of satisfied customers who always come back to purchase more.

The packaging is beautiful too, so they make an ideal gift. You will find more information on our website about our products and service.

What are the benefits of sleeping on a Silkskin pillowcase.

Recommended by Dr’s, Dermatologists, skin care specialists and hairdressers for the natural beauty and health benefits. Sleeping on silk is the most natural way to get your beauty sleep and Silkskin have taken it one step further with our naturally developed silk pillowcase. You will wake up wrinkle and frizz free after sleeping on a Silkskin pillowcase, your skin will be smoother and less lined and your hair won’t be a frizzy mess. Bed head will be a thing of the past!

If you have got problems with hair loss you have found a product which will assist with that problem too. Your hair will glide across the pillowcase without being pulled and tugged, which can make hair fall out. Sleeping on cotton or man made fibres will dry your skin and hair out including your scalp, so your hair falls out more.

Silk doesn’t draw moisture away from your skin or hair it maintains moisture levels throughout the night, allowing your skin and hair to breath. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic so if you suffer from spots or breakouts, it will help to minimise the problem.

Do men use a Silkskin Pillowcase

Yes they do, we have got many male customers, including lots of Dr’s and fitness experts who purchase from us. Everyone can sleep on a Silkskin pillowcase including children who find the silk very comforting and soothing. Silk is a temperature regulator so they don’t get too hot or sticky whilst sleeping.

Women who suffer from hot flushes or night sweats also benefit from the cooling properties of silk. Chemotherapy patients also find our silk pillowcases more gentler on their scalp, it won’t pull and tug the hair so it prevents it from falling out as much.

What are the benefits of the Silkskin Silk Eye Mask

The Silkskin silk eye mask is the same proven silk as the pillowcase. It’s got natural lavender inside to assist in a good night’s sleep, lavender is also good for stress, headaches and tension. The silk eye mask blocks out all light and is very comfortable to wear, it’s not elastic at the back, which can be too tight and cause headaches, you can adjust to a size suitable.

It works really well with the Silkskin pillowcase. You can take both products on holiday with you, just pop them into your case or handbag. If you would like the lavender to be more pungent, rub the mask gently to release the aroma.

How do I care for my silk pillowcase

Hand wash your silk pillowcase in lukewarm water using a silk washing agent, or bleach and enzyme free washing aid. You can find silk washing liquids in any supermarket they are not expensive. You can also wash it in the washing machine at 30 C ( 86 F ) A short spin is fine, but it’s best to shake it and dry naturally. You can iron with gentle steam at a low temperature.

What is the size of the Silkskin pillowcase

The size of the pillowcase is 78cm x 48cm so it fits most pillows.

Can I clean the Silkskin Silk Eye Mask

Yes, you can wipe it over with a damp cloth to remove any minor stains or marks. You can’t put it in the washing machine due to the natural lavender inside. It’s best to remove your eye makeup before you wear it to prevent it staining the mask.

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