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Which silk pillowcase to choose?

The Silkskin pillowcase was designed and developed 15 years ago. Being a skin specialist I wanted to find something different that would enhance my beauty regime.

I was waking up with creases on my face from lying in one position and my hair was messy and dry. It’s recommended by dermatologists to sleep on your back to prevent sleep lines because over time they become permanent, especially if you have got dry skin. This is all very well, but I know it’s not possible for everyone, I have always slept on my side. Dermatologists can tell which side of your face you sleep on, some of us tend to mainly sleep on one side at night time. They now also recommended sleeping on a silk pillowcase to prevent the dreaded lines etched on your face when you wake up. Hairdressers have recognised that it does help your hair to remain smoother and less of a frizzy knotted mess. The only down side is that some silk fabrics hold onto heat so it can make you sweat.

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My research and findings

I did a lot of research and found that sleeping on a natural silk pillowcase can have major benefits to your skin and hair. One reason for this is the smoothness of the fabric which allows your skin and hair to glide across the surface rather than getting pulled and tugged. At night time your skin repairs it’s self from the stresses of the day and regenerates, so sleep is very important too. The only problem was, that some silk fabrics I tried would make me sweat so my face and hair would end up sticking to the silk pillow case, as silk can trap heat. This wasn’t what I wanted to achieve for my new beauty regime.

I didn’t give up and continued trying different silk fabrics.

Silk isn’t a very absorbent fabric, it’s a protein fibre, so it’s great for keeping your night-cream on rather than being soaked up. Cotton is a vegetable fibre which will absorb moisture from your hair and skin, including your night-cream.

I found a beautiful silk fabric which is 100% Mulberry silk, but it’s not a shiny silk, it looks like cotton and fits with any bedding style.

The silk I use is unique to Silkskin and it’s hand finished to give it extra softness (it’s the softest silk you will find or can ever imagine next to your skin).

I am very proud of the Silkskin silk pillowcase. We have now got thousands of satisfied customers, including celebrities and royalty. New and repeat orders continue to flood in so we must be doing something right!

You won’t sweat at night, it’s a very cooling silk fabric so you will get all the benefits of silk without the sweaty side effects. I decided to keep it in a natural colour for it’s beauty benefits as adding more heavy dyes means more chemicals.

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Secrets of the Silkskin pillowcase

Loved and adored by many, nothing feels gentler against the skin or softer than pure silk. A natural protein fibre produced by silkworms, why is silk so favoured by women that care about their appearance and what are the secrets of the Silkskin silk pillowcase that we hear so many referring to?

If you are new to the power and richness of pure silk, then here are just a few of the reasons why sleeping on a silk pillowcase is the norm for many who want to look lush all of the time.

Silk and your skin

You may not realise it but sleeping on a pillowcase made of anything other than silk can result in fine ‘sleep lines’ being left on your face.  After time, as these present themselves on a daily basis, they begin to take hold and before you know it, those small lines have become ingrained in your skin and are very difficult to eradicate.  This is not the case if you sleep on a silk pillowcase as the satin feel of the silk means that your face slides across the pillow, rather than being stuck in one place as you sleep.  The result?  Sleep lines are banished and you are left with skin that looks fantastic, meaning you can ban the Botox!

As well as getting rid of fine lines, pillowcases made from cotton or other fibres soak up the moisture from your face; no matter what expensive face creams you apply before you curl up to sleep, the fabric of your pillowcase will act like a sponge, removing it from your face.  In fact, you are wasting money as no matter how much cream you apply, your face will become drier.  By substituting your pillowcase for one made from pure silk, your skin will retain moisture – both natural and that applied by you, and look much fresher and softer. Combine this with a lavender filled eye mask and you have the secret to great skin and a good night’s sleep!

Silk and your hair

In the same way, pillowcases made from cotton soak up the moisture from your hair.  If your hair is already dry (and maybe curly) and even worse, long, you may wake up in the morning with something resembling a crushed bird’s nest on your head!  Why waste time and money on straightening and adding product to your hair when your pillowcase destroys all of your efforts?  Opt for a silk pillowcase and your hair will return to being shiny and smooth with far less knots and tangles.

If you style your hair, it will also last longer when sleeping on silk.  Whether your set your hair with rollers or blow-dry, the effect will last much longer and your hair will have far more bounce and life.  Save having to wash and style your hair daily by investing in a pure silk pillowcase and see the difference for yourself.  Your hair should stay looking good for several days rather than just 24hrs and less washing means healthier hear with less natural oils removed by shampooing.

Benefit from the secrets of silk

So there we go, the secrets of the silk pillowcase revealed.  Make this essential investment and treat yourself to a 100% pure silk pillowcase such as the one offered by Silkskin (hint – the other brands don’t perform as well!).

Unique, natural and the original silk pillowcase to hit the market 15 years ago, this is silk in its purest state, coming in a natural colour which blends with any bedding style.  Heavy dyes and chemicals are not used as they clash with the wonderful natural properties of silk and can dry out both skin and hair.  With a matt finish, is has been exclusively designed and hand-finished for the beauty industry.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your own silk pillowcase now and begin to reap the benefits from day one of sleeping on silk, looking after your skin and hair like a real princess!

5 amazing benefits from sleeping on silk

Your body can get some amazing benefits just from sleeping on silk, but do you know them all? Here’s a list of our top 5 favourites:

1: Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help your blow dry last longer.

You won’t wake up with frizzy tangled hair as silk won’t draw moisture away from your hair but cotton soaks it up, cotton is very drying whereas silk will rehydrate.

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