The Original – Best Selling Natural Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair Care

The Benefits of Silk Pillowcases

The benefits of a silk pillow case are amazing. Not only do they feel amazing to sleep on, but they provide a great number of health and beauty benefits. This means you get a great nights sleep and wake up looking beautiful! We list a few below:

Skin Care

You will notice an immediate difference to your skin when you sleep on a Silkskin™ silk pillowcase. Sleeping on cotton or man-made fibres draws moisture from your skin causing it to become dry and parched.

When your skin is dry it causes lines to appear which eventually become permanent. Your night cream won’t get wiped away like it would with other fabrics, which will absorb your cream.

Our pillowcase has been designed taking all of these problems into consideration, it the softest and most natural silk you could ever imagine. Your sleep lines and wrinkles will soon be a thing of the past!

the benefits of a silk pillowcase for your skin
silkskin products are great for allergies

Allergies and Skin Complaints

Our pillowcases work well for allergy sufferers because they are hypo-allergenic. This makes it ideal for sensitive, dry or itchy skin and maintains moisture levels. They’re also really good for Eczema sufferers.

The science bit proves these benefits: it turns out silk is made of strings of amino acids with the same ph level as our skin; it is naturally hypoallergenic, natural mulberry silk containing sericin.

This is a protein that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction and this is why it can be beneficial for those who suffer from sensitive skin and itchy skin conditions, such as rosacea and eczema.


Look young and beautiful with a great nights sleep on a Silkskin™ pillowcase. Our pillowcases allow you to delay the ageing process whilst enjoying the ultimate comfort of silk.

Our pillowcases will help you to delay the ageing process in an important way. The pillowcases silk nature will help maintain moisture levels and stops your skin and hair from drying out, preventing lines, wrinkles and dry frizzy hair.

This is very different from a regular cotton pillowcase. Cotton, by contrast, is a very absorbent fabric which draws moisture from your face and hair. This means there is little moisture left on your skin and hair.

the benefits of a silk pillowcase for anti-aging
no more bed he'd hair when you use a silk pillow slip

‘Bed Head’ Hair… Gone!

Silk pillowcases, especially ours, are also good for what hairdressers call ‘bed head’. This is because hair can get caught on cotton pillowcases and break when you are sleeping, especially if you toss and turn a lot while resting.

Using a ‘natural beauty treatment’ Silkskin™ pillowcase, allows hair to glide across the surface without getting snagged. Cotton also draws moisture from your hair. Your blow dry and hair extensions will last longer too…

Ask any good hairdresser now and they’ll be aware of the benefits, like Andrew Barton the ‘Hairdresser to the celebrities’ who loves Silkskin™. See our pillowcase on the TV with Andrew.

Cleaner Bedding

Experts have observed and studied house mites and dust mites, and discovered that they will not live in silk. This means that there are significant health benefits from sleeping on ‘cleaner’ bedding.

Our pillowcases are so beautifully woven and neutral that they blend in well with your existing textiles and fabrics. No need for major changes. The pillow case comes in a neutral colour that compliments any bedding. The size of the product is 78cm x 48cm, so fits most pillows.

cleaner bedding when you sleep on a silk pillow slip