Benefits Sleeping On Silk

1: Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help your blow dry last longer.

You won’t wake up with frizzy tangled hair as silk won’t draw moisture away from your hair but cotton soaks it up, cotton is very drying whereas silk will rehydrate.

2: Sleeping on man made fibres like cotton will dry your skin out which causes sleep lines and wrinkles.

If you sleep on a silk pillowcase you will wake up wrinkle free with smoother skin. Silk is so gentle and kind to your skin, the surface is very smooth so your skin won’t get pulled, tugged and stuck to your pillow.

3: Your night-cream will stay on.

Rather than being soaked up or wiped away by drying cotton, so you will gain more anti-aging benefits. Silk won’t absorb your night-creams or moisture away from your skin.

4: Silk is hypoallergenic.

Which means it’s great for sensitive or irritated skin. It will also help to prevent spots and blemishes occurring.

5: The health benefits speak from themselves.

With silk being a natural breathing product which has an antibacterial effect.