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The Original Silk Pillowcase designed for skin and hair care

Silkskin is a skin care company with many years experience in the industry.

Linda the founder of Silkskin is a skin care specialist who sleeps on a Silkskin pillowcase, along with Royalty and many Celebrity customers, including Nigella Lawson, Helena Bonham Carter and Jemima Goldsmith.

Silk Pillowcase

Our silk pillow case has also been purchased by many Dr’s over the years so they clearly love the product too.
Recommended by Dermatologists, skin care specialists, hair dressers and Doctors. We have made our product as natural as possible for all the right reasons. Our pillowcases are also great for allergy sufferers, dry or sensitive skin. Silk is hypoallergenic and breathable too.
Silkskin has also worked in collaboration with a lot of well know companies such as Chanel, Aveda, Dove, Charles Worthington and many more.
It’s a small investment when you think of the amount of time you spend sleeping on your pillow, it will maintain moisture levels in your skin and hair keeping them both hydrated during the night. Cotton and man made fibres soak up moisture, so your skin and hair dries out.

It’s also great for preventing hair loss and frizz as your hair will not be pulled and tugged as you sleep so it will not look like a noted mess. Night creams will not get soaked up they will sink into your skin as they are meant to
The benefits are amazing – you will see results!

Our Pillowcases are also stocked by other retailers including two of the most elite – Harvey Nichols and Victoria Health. We have also been on the TV with Celebrity hair dresser Andrew Barton.

The press love Silkskin, we have been in all of the press over the last 14 years, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Tattler, The Sunday Times etc..

Silkskin is made from the finest Mulberry silk with our own unique finish, so there is nothing else like it available on the market. Our product is not a shiny silk which may cause frizzy hair, static and night sweats.

A lot of research went into developing our product over two years, before we finally decided. We wanted to develop a natural product which would make a difference, not just throw a silk bedding pillowcase on the market. We do understand that some companies jumped onto our idea with a silk pillowcase, but please bear in mind that it’s just that, a silk pillowcase – not a Silkskin pillowcase!

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Silkskin display in Harvey Nichols.

Silkskin display

Harvey Nichols | Silkskin is available at Harvey Nichols

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