The Original – Best Selling Natural Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair Care

About Silkskin ™

Silkskin ™ is a skin care company with many years of experience in the industry. We were the first to come out with the concept of a natural silk pillowcase and we’re still the best by far.

Linda, the founder of Silkskin ™, is a skin care specialist who sleeps on a Silkskin ™ pillowcase along with royalty and many celebrity customers, including Nigella Lawson, Helena Bonham Carter and Jemima Goldsmith to name drop a few!


Silkskin pillowcases help you to care for your hair
extreme comfort with a silkskin pillow case

The Original Silkskin ™ Pillowcase Designed for Skin and Hair Care

We have been recommended by dermatologists, skin care specialists, hairdressers and doctors because we have made our product as natural as possible for all the right reasons. Our silk pillowcases have also been purchased by many of these professionals too over the years, so they clearly love our product too.

Silkskin ™ Work With Big Brands

Silkskin™ has also worked in collaboration with a lot of well know companies such as Chanel, Aveda, Dove, Charles Worthington and many more. Large brands are happy to promote our products when they see them and feel the quality.

The press love Silkskin ™ too. We have been in most of the mainstream press over the last 15 years, with positive articles in Vogue, Marie Claire, Tattler, The Sunday Times etc..

Keeping Moisture In and the Frizz at Bay.

A primary concern when we were developing our specially formulated silk was skin moisture. We spent a long time, two years, refining our silk to achieve a product that maintains moisture levels in your skin and hair, keeping them both hydrated during the night. Cotton and man-made fibres simply soak up moisture, so your skin and hair dries out. It seems simple, but it really has great benefits and it’s a small investment when you think of the amount of time you spend sleeping on your pillow.

We also wanted to create a product that would help to keep your hair frizz tamed. We succeeded, and now many people buy our silk pillowcases just for this reason. Silk is great for preventing hair loss and frizz because your hair will not be pulled and tugged as you sleep (as it does with cotton). In the morning you don’t get that knotted, frizzy mess!

Silkskin silk pillowcases help to keep your hair detangled
The original silk pillowcase designed for skin and hair care

Natural Products Developed to Help Allergy Sufferers

Allergies can lead to poor sleep, resulting in significant daytime sleepiness and fatigue. We were keen to develop something that would help allergy sufferers, and the feedback has been fantastic. Our natural silk pillowcases and eye masks should help our clients to reduce their night-time allergic symptoms.