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anti aging skin care
More Info SilkSkin Pillowcses - hypoallergenic silk pillowcase that will help maintain natural moisture in your skin
SilkSkin Pillowcses - hypoallergenic silk pillowcase that will help maintain natural moisture in your skin


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Hand or machine wash at a low temperature (30 degrees C) with a mild silk washing agent, there are washing instructions in the products. Try to dry your products naturally or hang out to dry, never put them in a tumble dryer. Silk can safely be washed in the woolen/silk cycle of your washing machine. Always separate your colours and wash silk separately from your other laundry. Place the silk linen in a protective bag to prevent the pulling action of your washing machine, which may harm your silk linen. A cotton pillowcase would be perfect. Never scrub or wring silk. To remove excess water roll the silk item up in a towel and gently press the water out. Dry naturally..

Steam Iron on a low setting if required.

SILKSKIN™ silk pillowcases provide the best possible anti aging skin care and natural hair beauty products.

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I'm a Cabin crew in-flight manager (Long Haul). I never travel far without my Silkskin Pillowcase. It really helps with parched, dry skin and hair. Caused by the lack of cabin fresh air. As soon as I reach the destination, a fresh Silkskin pillow case goes on to my pillow! Just a great, unique product - Christine W


'I had seen Silkskin in a lot of press and on the TV. It took me while to get around to ordering, but I am so glad that I did' - Rosie


At Last! A product which actually helps and achieves something! From a very Happy Customer - Hannah Brookes


My hairdresser recommended Silkskin to tame my frizzy hair overnight. I then saw it featured in the Regis salon on the high street. WOW! Glad I listened for once, it made a huge difference.


So pleased with my Silkskin pillow cases. They are a wonderful product. My skin is line free in the morning and my hair is a lot smoother, thanks Harvey Nicks!


I am currently losing my hair. This makes me feel very conscious. But I tried this product, based on a suggestion from You Magazine. There is now a lot less hair on my pillow, for sure. So, its good news all round! - John D - Shrewsbury

Amazing product!

“We have received terrific feedback from our clients about Silkskin pillowcases. Everyone has noticed a huge difference in the appearance of their skin and hair when they wake up and are thrilled with the results. And yet another plus - these ‘must have’ pillowcases keep you blissfully cool during the night. We all love them.”




I bought this product for my wife from a skin care company, it's amazing! I have to admit that we were both trying to sleep on it at the same time, so I purchased one for myself. It really is kind to your skin and my hair has stopped falling out?? Don't ask me how, but it works...


I can see why Silkskin are the market leaders with their unique silk pillowcase. The fact that there are no added dyes is a plus,they just dry your skin out and you can also react to them. I noticed the difference in my skin after about a week of sleeping on the silk pillowcase. I don't wake up with lines etched across my face, plus, I don't look like a scarecrow, my hair is less frizzy. the softness is amazing,, I have never felt anything like it. I will recommend to all my friends and family. Jayne x


I like the fact that this is a personal beauty & hair product. It's also the best thing I have ever done for my skin & Hair. Thanks Silkskin, I can see why you are stocked by top retailers. Pure Bliss....Laura


Having seen so many of these silk pillowcases on the market it was becoming a mine-field. Silkskin were the first and only company to develop this concept, there are copies but they can't match the results that I have had. I bought mine from House of Fraser and I am so pleased with the results. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks. Jo


What an amazing product! I can't believe how your silk pillowcase has helped my hair to stop falling out at nighttime, I now have more hair on my head than my pillow. I have bought some more since and will recommend them. John.


“At BLOWW, we’re delighted to be retailing the can’t-live-without anti aging skin care product that is the SILKSKIN silk pillow case. Through introduction from the elite beauty finders, Cult Beauty, the SILKSKIN silk pillow cases are stocked within the Cult capsule collection at BLOWW, highlighted as one of the best hair beauty products on the market. As a consumer, I have noticed the difference in the condition of my hair within just a week and my skin is literally glowing through the constant hydration the silk provides throughout the night. At BLOWW, we will be recommending SILKSKIN silk pillow cases to all of our clients - we love it!”
Victoria Lowe

SILKSKIN really is the perfect silk pillowcase...to keep your skin crease free. Soft and kind to your skin...I would like my whole bed to be covered in SILKSKIN!
Nicola Brookes - Publisher Spa Secrets Magazine

What an amazing product! I have read about this silk pillowcase in many magazine articles and I'm so pleased I finally have one! I work as cabin crew for a long haul airline which means I need all the help I can get to retain moisture levels in my skin! Your travel pillowcase is fantastic and it brings the comfort of home with me wherever I am in the world! No more hotel starchy pillowcases! Very happy! :)

I have just received my silk pillowcase. All I can say is I wish I'd known about this product years ago! I woke up this morning looking fresher than I have for ages - no horrible 'bed creases' on my face that take half the day to go. Really great product!

Had my first night on SILKSKIN last night.....Lovely!! Wish I had known about these when I wrote my book on ageing! Never mind, next time.

After mentioning the article I read in one of The Times supplements about how the SILKSKIN silk pillow cases are better for your skin than cotton pillow cases I received some as a birthday present, happy days! I must say I am very impressed with the quality and comfortableness of them and I noticed I no longer have those hideous tribal marks across my face in the mornings, even happier days!

I read in a magazine the benefits of sleeping on silk as opposed to cotton and then just searched the web, where I found your site. I know it could be the 'placebo' effect but in the couple of weeks I have been using your SILKSKIN silk pillow cases I do feel my skin looks and feels better in the mornings. I am not a very good sleeper and used to find myself coughing on the cotton fibres, so I have also been sleeping better since I turned to SILKSKIN silk pillow cases.
I have passed your website onto a friend of mine, who I know has already ordered one of your cases, and will be recommending it to others.
Thanks so much.

I have found the SILKSKIN silk pillow cases lovely to sleep on and much softer on the skin and hair than cotton. I like the fact it is 100% natural and chemical free so it is unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive skin. I would recommend them to anyone to keep your complexion smooth and hair sleek.

Have been playing too much golf of late, result - a strain or two.
The silk pillow cases are a great success, beats cotton hands down. Am not surprised they are selling well. I take that you use them yourself?
Best wishes

Yes - I got it safely thank you. Really pleased with it! I am now thinking of getting one for my sister and one for my son's girlfriend!
You may be hearing from me again soon!

I wanted to switch from a cotton to a SILKSKIN silk pillow case (I am concerned about a few creases around my eyes which now seem to have been permanently ironed in!) so I did a Google search for silk pillow cases on the internet. Your site caught my attention; it is a very nice looking site, which is clearly aimed at people interested in the anti-ageing benefits of sleeping on silk. I decided to buy your anti aging skin care product because you state that no chemical dyes are used during manufacture.

I was delighted to find you! For some time now I’ve read about the benefits of silk on skin and hair. I found your article in the latest Essentials magazine, on Page 92, headed ‘Weird but it Works!’ They give it a nice write-up. At last it gave a name and contact numbers (your website) so I’ve placed my order pronto!
Glad your sales are going well. I’ll recommend it to my friends!

Thank you so much for kindly emailing me about my order. I didn't realise I had paid too much. Incidentally the silk pillow case arrived this morning - it feels gorgeous! I cannot wait to sleep on it tonight.
Kindest Regards

Yes, I did! Thank you so much, I absolutely love it. Will be buying more for friend's presents in the future.


Silk pillowcases from SILKSKIN - Anti wrinkle skin care product
The Silkskin beauty silk pillow cases are specially commissioned with no added dyes or chemicals and come in a natural colour, therefore complementing any existing bedding Product.
Silkskin silk pillowcases are also recommended by your dermatologist.