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SILKSKIN Travel Pillowcases are the perfect skin care / hair care product. Unique to silkskin

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Luxury Silk Travel Pillow Cases

We are very excited to launch SILKSKIN Travel to our range of anti wrinkle products and anti-ageing skin care treatments! Having received many customer enquires and undertaking a lot of research into the travel industry, we realise that this is a long awaited product.

For the first time, the same proven anti wrinkle product SILKSKIN, is available in travel size packaging. Making it an excellent purchase for those of us who travel regularly.

Supplied in a handy bespoke case, the silk pillowcases are extremely convenient to pack. Whether on an overnight business trip or a 2-week vacation, you can now take your beauty regime with you 'on the road'. Our research shows that many people will find this an invaluable accessory come summer or winter holiday to aid their anti-ageing skin care treatment.

SILKSKIN Travel is for the discerning traveller who would like the opportunity to sleep on our 100% natural silk whilst away from home. Rather than starched cotton pillow cases which have been washed over and over again. It is a personal product for those who would like to continue with their SILKSKIN beauty regime benefiting their skin and hair with the perfect anti wrinkle product.

The colour is totally neutral and fits in with any bedding style. Product size 78cm x 48cm

The SILKSKIN pillowcase is specially commissioned with no added dyes or chemicals and it works....!

Silk pillowcases from SILKSKIN - Anti wrinkle skin care product
The Silkskin beauty silk pillow cases are specially commissioned with no added dyes or chemicals and come in a natural colour, therefore complementing any existing bedding Product.
Silkskin silk pillowcases are also recommended by your dermatologist.