Silk Pillowcases

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The original silk pillowcase designed for skin & hair care
This is your must have beauty accessory to combat sleep lines and frizzy hair. It is great for allergy suffers too as it is hypoallergenic.
Recommended by leading dermatologists silk pillowcases help skin retain its natural moisture; keeping it soft, supple and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It contains similar amino-acids to your skin.
Our beautiful hypoallergenic luxurious silk pillow case is the softest silk you can ever imagine next to your skin. The neutral colour fits with any bedding style or decor.
Unlike cotton pillow cases, the Silkskin pillowcase will not absorb your night creams or natural moisture. It helps to retain moisture in your skin and hair, keeping them both hydrated and nourished.

Silk contains very similar proteins to proteins in your hair, so your hair will stay soft and silky as you sleep. Hair glides over silk, which means it is frizz free in the morning. You will also notice that there will not be as much hair on your pillow from being pulled and tugged. Your blow dry and hair extensions will last longer too.

Our silk pillowcase also prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle; so you wake up with healthy, sleek and shiny hair. Silk is breathable, it works to regulate the body’s temperature so that you get a better night’s sleep. If you suffer from night sweats our silk pillowcases will help your skin to breath.

There are no added harsh chemicals is our products, they come in a natural colour.

The packaging is lovely, so it’s ideal as a gift for a loved one or a child as it’s a healthy option. Bed bugs will not and cannot live in silk.

Don’t forget to take your silkskin pillowcase on your travels. It will fit nicely into your handbag.

Lots of men sleep on our famous silk pillowcases, we have also got a lot of Dr’s who love Silkskin.

Machine or hand wash at 30-35°C with a Silk washing agent and dry naturally

Silk Pillow Case