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The Original Best Seller! Silkskin™ Pillowcase for Skin & Hair Care.

Welcome to Silkskin! We offer many silk products for all the family. We pride ourselves on having the perfect Silk gift. Our silk category includes, silk pillowcases, silk travel pillow cases, silk baby pillowcases and silk eye masks. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find something within our product range. Shiny Silk causes frizzy hair, static and night sweats. Silkskin is unique and proven to work

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Wake Up Looking Younger with the Original silk pillow cases for Skin & Haircare. Since 2005! buy now

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Our product is unique to silkskin. please be aware of cheap copies and bogus claims. we have over 220,000 satisfied / returning clients and are stocked by the UK's leading retailers for a reason!  


Our silk pillow case is commissioned specially for our skin care company, so it is unique to us. There is nothing else like it on the market!

The SILKSKIN Pillowcase is the softest silk you can imagine. Also stocked by the UK's Top Retailers and chosen by Stars.

Silkskin silk pillow cases are excellent for dry skin & preventing lines, wrinkles, static and hair frizz. Also assists with reducing hair loss, you are guaranteed to see a difference!

We manufacture using no added chemicals or dyes as these dry the skin and hair out,. It's a natural colour " A personal beauty/ haircare product, not just bedding with fancy colours and dyes" They are totally neutral, so also look beautiful with any bedding style.

A world renowned and proven silk pillowcase and Brand which is why we are the only company to be stocked by top end retailers.

We have been in all of the press along the way and continue to develop our company as it has grown. Silk for beauty is a natural remedy

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ARE BUYING AND SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON. Our product has been on the TV and we have been trading since 2004.

SILKSKIN ™ its company, products and logo are trademarked. Beware of Cheap Inferior Copies

Silk pillowcases from SILKSKIN - Anti wrinkle skin care product
The Silkskin beauty silk pillow cases are specially commissioned with no added dyes or chemicals and come in a natural colour, therefore complementing any existing bedding Product.
Silkskin silk pillowcases are also recommended by your dermatologist.